Bitch Alice Is Back

Bitch Alice Is Back by Max and The Ducks

- a review, a Great Song

 Echo and the bunnymen, The Cure, human league, here is another Party Playlist track !!!! think of what the 80's could've been like if we would have had this to listen to..... well, this has everything bands like The Cure and Echo And The Bunnymeny and Human League, had, and this time Max and The Ducks are holding a treasure chest of Gold and Platinum.... the intro of this song is entirely deceptive, dropping funky honeydrops of horns and heavy guitar, then slide-stepping into a crazy funky verse.... dancing will be involuntary, so maybe not good music for dining, but its damn good music....!. the bass really puts the harmonic deep icing on the song by the second verse and never relents until the song concludes..... nice ethereal pads that never obscure the rest of the music, but contribute to the flow of the song's current. I personally love hearing a "guy-gal duet" singing throughtout a song, and that is on of the strong points of this tune.... and the "octave scaled duet" technique, is a real winner here in this context....! whenever you want to hear music that has Momentum, music that makes YOU active, listen to THIS SONG.....! 5 stars and encouragement for you to put this on Your Playlist !!!!, your friends will think you are cool

Reviewed by Paul C Torbert  5/5
United States, Mississippi, Jackson

Bitch Alice Is Back

 Nice intro grabs your attention. From the get go there is a rock dance vibe here! I particularly like the alternating male and female vocal interplay. It works very well in this type of song. There isa good rythm here and drums are mixed right up which really propels the song forward and a good lead break and extremely commercial tune. Well done guys. After a first listen you have hooked me in. I think everyone knows a bitch like Alice. 

Reviewed by Craig Dean 4/5 
Australia, Newcastle


Fast Movin' Full Spectrum Jet-Set Rocker!

 I really did the low tuned crunch on this hard rock dance track. Full spectrum audio gala filled with neo-psychedelic multi-track goodness. Nice steady beat pounds thru the hard rocking guitars, likely tuned low or perhaps Max used a baritone for this track? But either way it creates a full on audio assault; dreamy synth pads and vocals driving drums and lead vocals, horn section... this song has it all great job Max & The Ducks!

Reviewed by Harry Gale 5/5
United States, California, Sebastopol

Got to this wonderland

 This is a very smooth and very good-feeling production. Evrything is so clear and right in your face, not to mention the song itself, being kind of theatrical and very well composed not the least. It is a journey that don't fail, it is a song that want to prevail and once listening I had to hear it to the end. The funky guitar , so vivid along with with the more heavy sounding ones. Very much a studio production, maybe a bit too much, but it suits the song fine. 

Reviewed by Mark Cedermark 3/5
Denmark, Copenhagen

What the Duck is this good stuff

 Flows very nice and very catchy. Benefits from a element of surprise it is hard to imagine a more simple pleasure, easy on the ears and inviting. Harmony and composition, introspective and surreal. We really enjoy listening and everyone around the studio will pass the news around. It is hip, far out and right on. Going to add this to the regular rotation in our sound system. Great job I enjoy the track. Layers nicely gives you the forever free feeling. 

Reviewed by Showmegod 5/5
United States, Arizona, Phoenix

Cool, Cool, Cool!

 I'm very happy to write a review on this song. This is a psychedelic, surreal, funny, and such a cute tune. The guitar sound is adequately and pleasantly distorted. The vocals are clear, strong and full of star attitude, as well as impeccable English pronunciation (I'm assuming she is Spanish.) I love the back vocals' playfulness, which even appears as cheekiness, and stylishness. Every bit of this number seems to have flowed out of a flair that is reinforced with great cleverness, and constitutes this one very cool piece. I want to see you live! :DDD

Reviewed by Hiroshiness 5/5
Japan, Tokyo

Thru the Magic Mirror

 Brilliant powerful rocking arrival on this song. Then it goes into a synth-based sound, and pulls back on the octane, but the energy is still there with the vocals. The text is surely interesting as i heard the word unicorn as well as other unexpected words.. 'Humpty Dumpty' for example... Might just have a second listen (or check to see if lyrics are included somewhere) to see just what the song is about! ... Then the crescendo stop where the title is heard. Curiouser and curiouser as we go, more and more interesting! ... The drums are driving, and the vocals are persistent in their message. Sounds mad. I'm beginning to think my random reminisces might be closer to the essence of this track than i'd suspect. Makes me want to check out the band as well as the song now. Best of luck, Max/Ducks!

Reviewed by Penelapai 4,5/5 
Ireland, Mountshannon


Blacksmith Mould

The heights of exceeding limitations...

 Max and the Ducks brings us Blacksmith Mould. A powerful epic theme with an intensity steeply baked into both the beat and the vocals. The rest of the instrumentation is carefully and selectively used to build and maintain the drama. From the artist themselves.. "Based on mythology. Kalevala poem number 37. Story of Blacksmith Ilmarinen. He can make everything but love... out of silver and gold." As such this would be a great soundtrack piece for an epic film of the grand isles during a grand soft evening. It is every bit as stormy of a venture.

Reviewed by SOGP Music  
United States, Texas, Houston

The perfect song.


 Blacksmith Mould. (English) First: I love this song. I start my review while making clear what I think after listening to this song many and many times. This song represents all the best I can ask at one song: 1) the recording is excellent; the mixing is perfect; and all instruments are clearly defined: the voice is equally balanced. 2) the instruments are played in excellent way 3) the voice is beautifull, hot, enveloping, suited to the melody. 4) the melody and the musical arrangements are fashinating: they are perfectly concordant with the meaning of the lyric. If I close my eyes I'm able to imagine the scenes evoked in this song. This work would perfect in a soundtrack, for example in a epic or fantasy or historical movie. I looked for the video: in my personal idea this video maybe could be did better. This is the unique negative comment that I can do regarding this song. Definitively "Blacksmith Mould" represent the perfect song, for my personal tastes. 

Reviewed by Frank Found Project

Italy, Conegliano




The Casting of the Shadow

 Can you say powerful? Can you say daunting? Those are the first words that come to mind when i listen to this powerful , yet daunting piece. This would make for a powerful theme of a mystery movie that continues to build to a wonderful climax. I love the bridge of the tune because even without pictures, it screams imagination. It screams as if a shadow is being cast on the wall of the antagonist is about to commit some ominous deed to the heroine of the movie iin my imagiinary tale. Props! to the power and bridge that brings the whole thing together. I loved the vocals and I know that I would leave the theater dripping wet from fear of what I had seen and heard. Good job!

Reviewed by Chocolate Lush Band 
United States, California, San Jose

Right for Film

 The ominous monk choir at the beginning is interesting to bring this song to life. The song pacing sounds like something you'd hear in a movie - probably a fantasy or young adult project - like Harry Potter or something. The recording sounds well mixed and mastered. I appreciate the right levels for vocals and music to blend perfectly together. The singer sounds so earnest!

Reviewed by Garrett Miller
United States, California, Huntington Beach

Max doing the Maximum!

 Max and The Ducks bring a anthem based track with their single entitled Blacksmith Mould. The lyric and melody are actually quite orchestral in the approach. Although the song does not lend itself to a Pop form, it does capture the listener's attention with it's haunting melodies. I personally think they could have a great shot at placing this song with music supervisors for a Film or Television sync placement. The song totally sounds like an end title for a film in the drama or even horror genres

Reviewed by J Grace 
United States, California, Los Angeles

Blacksmith Mould

 Very interesting song, you have sung this song very well. You sing this with alot of drama and passion, which suits it well. I can see this being picked up and used in theatre plays. Well done keep it up, it's interesing!

Reviewed by Melissa James 
Australia, Melbourne

Well Worth a Listen

 Fantastic production on this one. Sounds a little Nordic in style and slightly folkish. love the haunting sound and lyrics. a beautiful track and looking forward to hearing more of your music. 

Reviewed by Prozac Dawn 
United Kingdom


 Good song strong vocals and a real sence that they are on to something great the whole works well, gets going turns into a really great song and they manage to get hook in the song good job. 

Reviewed by vx8 
United Kingdom, Hereford UK


 This shows true talent and professional dedication to their music, it has a touch of classical rock style about it and the vocalist has a real style in the way he projects the lyrics and the guitar soloist is outstanding making the storyline come through as being dramatic and powerful. Congratulations to Max and the Ducks for another outstanding musical rendition. I have become a fan guys - regards Johnny Ramone of Angel International management Florida and London.

Reviewed by Johnny Ramone and Romanesque 
United Kingdom, London


My Name Is Eve



 I love this song it is so positive and the message is so true, Great vocals by the way and also props to the mix engineer for an awesome blend of the vocals and acoustic guitar and background vocals. Eve is every girl who gets bothered and annoyed by bullies who have nothing else better to do but pick on a person to put them down for no reason. What is also awesome about this song is the fact that even through adversity that individual is strong and refuses self pity,loathing, and keeps their head up!

Reviewed by WERLD9LEGEND  
United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale 5/5

Bringing through the message

 My Name Is Eve by Max and the Ducks puts the message of the lyrics in the center of the song with crystal clear vocal expression in a beautiful voice. Mission accomplished because it would be really hard to listen to the song without understanding the message. From that point of view the song reminds me of songwriters in the seventies. Well produced and mixed as we used to from Max And The Ducks.

Reviewed by Free Fall Rock May 24  2016
New Zealand, Hamilton





Review Eve


 Nice work.. catchy.. nice 70's feel.. keep it up. I'll give you a full rating. like they way everything is put together. Nice balanced tune. The hard part about writing a great tune is getting it out there, so good luck to you. All the best.. Cheers

Reviewed by Black Eye Butterfly  
Canada, Ontario, Sarnia


Wow!!! Congrats!!!

 Congratulations! A very good song to listen to. The peace and tranquility that it passes is indescribable. All this accompanied by a psychedelic atmosphere and a vocal well arranged. The keyboard is a musical based on keeping all the harmony of music. The song is very good, as well as harmony it has a climate that brings us back to the 70s, that is, is a song that does not look like anything we are used to hear today.

Reviewed by Depth Hate Jul 18  2016
Brazil, Guarujá

My name is Eve

 Nice track, lovely music and sweet vocal sounds but the message behind it is powerful. Telling a story of how cruel this world can be. Bullying is horrible and it has detrimental affects on people especially young children. So good on you and spread the word. Love is the answer!

Reviewed by Melissa James  May 06 2016
Australia, Melbourne











Nice pop song!


 Quite a good sound, I haven't got a problem with this sort of catchy pop, but would like to hear more adventure with the chord sequence. The meanings here are clear, and put across quite well, and I played it twice. Very nice guitars, vocals and drums. Enjoyed!

United Kingdom, Haverfordwest, Wales


My Name Is Eve is excellent from start to finish!

 "My Name Is Eve" is a beautifully done track from Max And The Ducks. The vocals are superb and the lyrics tell an interesting story about a girl named Eve. The timbre of the vocalist is very memorable and a pleasure to listen to. The harmonies are very tastefully done and are a great compliment to the lead vocal. The quality of the music is excellent and the sound is very smooth and makes for a very pleasurable listen. My Name Is Eve is a superb piece of music from start to finish.

Reviewed by Noah Ohne Jun 07  2016
United States, Arizona, Surprise














HIGHLAND (Instrumental)

High on Highland


I've always loved strings and keyboards together. Throw in some great guitar riffs with harmonies and you have a winner. A nice piece of work! Although it can stand very well on it's own I would have loved to have heard some of the sweet female vocals that Max and The Ducks are famous for.


Reviewed by FrogMouth

United States, Minnesota, Lonsdale  4 / 5


Good instrumental!


Highland is a good instrumental song. Nice keyboard work and guitars. The vocal parts are cool too. Obviously very skilled musicians at work here. I have enjoyed these artists work before and would recommend listening to them


Reviewed by Linus Sams

France, Paris  3,2 / 5



Beautiful instrumental rock track.


This instrumental rock track sounds very good. It is very varied, built by the perfect response to each of the different instruments. The number bored for a second. Instunentale a track would not direct of 'Max And The Ducks' because the singer a little signboard of this Spanish band. I already enjoyed Highland, the music puts you in the atmosphere you can expect be the subject. Congratulations to the whole Max And The Ducks band.


Reviewed by DJ Freger

Belgium, Willebroek  4,8  / 5


Love the guitars!


The guitars are awesome in this track, really love the concept, specially the guitars with distortion on. Even though it is an instrumental track it tells a story. Very well produced and mixed. Love the strings as well. Love the bits where the voices come in and create effects. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing the track with me! Good luck and keep writing beautiful tracks like this one.


Reviewed by Rivita 

United Kingdom, London 4,9 / 5



Very good instrumental


I liked this piece. I was almost like I was going on a quest or adventure. The guitars were very well done. I thought it had good dynamics throughout and the samples used we definitely good quality. This is the kind of song I would expect to hear in a movie or even a television series. You should write more of thins kind of thing.


Reviewed by Lish Ventura 

United States, Massachusetts, Boston  4 / 5






United States, Massachusetts, Boston 4 / 5


Well Done!


Really nice piece, love the energy behind the song, love the electric guitar sound, overall very well mixed and recorded, Great job! look forward to hearing more of your songs, Blessings!


Reviewed by Joe Wamsley

United States, New Jersey, Ridgefield Park 5 / 5


Elevated Paradigm


Gripping intro that builds a sense of anticipation. The song erupts into a piano layered over rock solid guitar riffs, driven by an awesome rhythm section. The strings blend seamlessly creating an enchanting atmosphere. Very well crafted, great song.


Reviewed by istarii 

United States, Washington, Seattle  5 / 5


Highland (Instrumental)


This is a good instrumental, this song is good enough to land a spot in film, in an action movie featuring the A list actors, well produced, all the best and hopefully it gets picked up for you. Good luck!


Reviewed by Melissa James

Australia, Melbourne  3 / 5



Look inside...


What do you see? You see and feel exactly what you hear in this brilliant instrumental piece. Actually it's cutting quite deep, delving into the emotional realm of any human, who's our comptemporary. This Highland music item depicts the heartland of our soul - emotionwise. I always felt big awe for anyone being able to portray the drama of sentiments this large. Nowadays there are tons of music dispersed around us. But stop and ask yourself just one thing: how many are the numbers that really cut into deep into you and captivate your consciousness? Are they many? I don't think so. The said Highland truly does, you only need to feel it by persuading yourself there is nothing like standing on top of the world looking down at everyday life hustle in deep mistrust... It's the human heartbeat up there in the Highland, of this I am sure. God bless anybody who can produce this kind of sincere and catchy instrumental master-piece. Boys and girl, I'd like to introduce you to Max And The Ducks! Give up for them right away!


Reviewed by The Super Duper 

Russian Federation, Moscow  5 / 5



Ducks to the max


Max and the Ducks have put together a satisfying, powerful and groovesome tune without a) over-production or b) a token lead vocal line (although the ghostly vox give it a nice, big feel). The juxtaposition between crunchy guitar and ethereal-sounding piano works well. And I'm a sucker for harmony lead. I'd probably have given the drum sound a bit more of a boot up the arse in the final mix but that's just me. Nice one.


Reviewed by Dave Heaven

United Kingdom, London     4 / 5


Max and The Ducks are no quacks!


Highland is an instrumental that is huge in sound and production. In listening to this song I can imagine it being part of a soundtrack to an epic movie like a james bond film or the next transformers movie.... I admit I have a weakness for any artist who can effectively make harmony vocals or harmony guitars more than just window dressing or part of the background and Max and The Ducks are well adept at doing so. Well done! It's songs like this that make doing a review so enjoyable.


Reviewed by SOGP Music 

United States, Texas, Houston 5 / 5


Highland is flawless


I think Highland is an excellent track. The guitars sound great and are recorded perfectly. Max And The Ducks is a band that I could listen to for a very long time. The composition and arrangement are beautifully done and the sound quality of excellent. The musicianship as usual is flawless in every respect. I think that Max And The Ducks has everything it takes to enjoy lots of success and this track is a very good representation. I will recommend this track to all my friends. Great job guys.


Reviewed by Noah Ohne

United States, Arizona, Surprise  5 / 5


Mellow Rock


I liked this piece very much. It has a deceptively mellow rhythm with a hard punch in places and the melodies ride the wind. I would highly recommend giving this a listen to by all who enjoy music.


Reviewed by Ifrum Noj 

United States, Texas, Corpus Christi  4 / 5




First of all, I love your name! I really like this tune. Composition is excellent. Production is excellent. Really enjoy the effects on the guitar as well as the reverb on the entire mix. Vocals are right where they should be in the mix! Kudos to the pianist! All in all I'm very impressed with this track. Keep up the good work!


 Reviewed by The Mug 

United States, North Carolina, Black Mountain  4,8  / 5




Dont mess with this Bond!


 The opening really grabbed me by creatively mixing the flange effect on the guitar and the classic organ rhythm. Absolutely dig the recurring pun portrayed in the title and the analogy between James Bond and the bond between people. Very Creative! Also, after listening a few times, I totally got the classic Bond theme song feel which actually really makes this song killer! Pun intended.


Reviewed by Silent Violence 4/5
United States, Texas, Austin


Great Vocalist


 This girl reminds me of early sounds of Annie Lennox .... I can hear every word of the vocal which is refreshing these days! The band sound is authentic, and tight with room for solo performance if possible. Needs a stronger finish in my opinion as it just tails off with no impact. All in all a great song - well presented. Regards Johnny Ramone, C.E.O. AIM Records (UK) 


Reviewed by Romanesque 4/5
United Kingdom, London


Groovy haunting


 Good job, Max and the Ducks - "007 had license to kill, I had a license just for love..." groovy tune with haunting vocals and a good driving beat. It took me two listens to get into this song, but now it's in and I like it. The chorus could have had a bit denser sound substance to enhance the listening experience, but that's just my personal taste. btw - I know


Reviewed by Ajay Mathur 4,2/5
Switzerland, Lucerne


MAX Max!


 What a voice! I like the "twangy" guitar..., it fits and lifts the backing tracks - add's to the song beds. It's a a "retro" "surf" guitar sound that harkens back to the 1960's. A very nice track overall. A suggestion, if you had doubled (over-dubbed) the lead vocal track, the effect would have put the icing on the cake! 


Reviewed by FERD the SNURD 4,7/5
United States, Iowa, Arcadia


Nice Song for a Bond Film


 Excellent recording techniques, Organ and Guitar are really nice..I am a big fan of all Bond films so I appreciate your efforts in writing and recording a great original song. 


Reviewed by Lebish/Grinnell  4,8/5 
United States, Maine, Portland


melodic pop music, good vocals, twangy guitar


 Listening to English songs by Spanish bands almost always makes you think the Spanish need pronounciation lessons. This band, based in the southern community of Fuengirola (not to be mistaken for the Catalonian city of Girona) clearly has a British singer, as it's very well articulated. Musically also well worked out, a melodic pop song with some double up vocals, a twangy guitar and rockstyle drums. How they sound live, is my next question.... but this studio recording for sure is nice to hear. We may wonder what comes next... if they will be able to tour in a country where many bars are closing as the government has draconic measures against live music, like asking every live music stage and bar a license fee of sixteen hundred euro for only twelve concerts per year. And as anyone who has lived in Spain for longer than a tourist stay of a couple of weeks, it's clear that in the season where the money is being made, only four months, these licenses are too expensive for anyone but the best rendering places. 


Reviewed by Freewheelers 3,8/5
United States, California, San Francisco




 Wow, what a voice! And you managed to capture the 'Bond's vibe! You should sing more rock songs, rock ballads maybe! You're a band so you decide together though. Very nice job with everything. I have no remarks (usually I have at least one:) I will give the highest rate! Keep rockin' and good luck! Cheers, Donnie Donkov


Reviewed by Donnie Donkov 5/5
Bulgaria, Sofia


Great Euro Track


 I could see this song in the Eurovision song contest with no problem,it has a strong hook and good vocals and harmonies,i love the intro which attracts your attention and makes you want to sit up and listen to the rest of the song,your style of writing and recording makes me want to hear more,all you need now is a good video to promote it,good luck in the contest. 


Reviewed by CHARLOTTE BLACK  4,8/5
United Kingdom, Belfast


Great rock song with awesome vocals


 I really like the sound of the guitar and I was really surprised by the awesome vocals. It reminds me of the time when I listened to Nightwish and Within Temptation, but with rock music. I really like the vocals with the music together. It just make sense even the background vocals sound awesome. The drums could sound more rock, but overall I do think this is a great song. 


Reviewed by Sariah  5/5
Netherlands, Noord-scharwoude




Tight Bonds


 Clean recording. Cool song... but who the f*k is Alice, lol??? She sings well. Timing is all on. Can tell that you-all have been together for awhile as everything fits in it's place. No waiting for the next part. Bridge/lead was the only since of "boring part". Was hoping for a GREAT lead solo but it never really came. Screaming guitar solo was the only thing that it's missing! Keepon keepin' on! 


Reviewed by NewClue 3,8/5 
United States, Connecticut, New London


Refreshing sound of Max and the Ducks


 First thing that I noticed was the biting strat guitar line peeking through the mix above the smooth synths and tight bass locking well with the kick drum. The inviting exact vocals of the female singer expertly annunciates each syllable she sings with the precision of a dart to the proverbial bulls eye. Her voice is sweet as she soars through the verses with expert ease.. I would have love to hear more of a hook but this is a great effort by Max and the Ducks. OH one more thing, I really like the look of the pic associated with this band, though i am unaware whether she is the same person as the actual singer, but I do like that look. 


Reviewed by NuCrop 3/5
United States, Pennsylvania, philadelphia


Driving New Track from Max And The Ducks


 This is a very smooth, driving track from Max And The Ducks. The vocalist has a very beautiful vioce in a style similar to Annie Lennox. The track has a very clean and polished sound and is very pleasant to listen to. 


Reviewed by Noah Ohne  5/5
United States, Arizona, Surprise


Laid back, mysterious, and sexy


 The singer's voice is like sweet golden honey. Perfectly on key, and sounds like she could have been trained in opera. The instruments, especially the twangy guitar, complement her strong vocal presence very well. Professional-quality recording and production quality. My only complaint is that the lyrics are a bit confusing at times. I suspect this might be due to certain meanings lost in translation. 


Reviewed by Daddy Shotgun  5/5
United States, Texas, San Antonio


license to love


 great song overall cool bond style driving song with great vocals and very tasteful backup vocals as well as guitar. could use more surf style? or maybeven I'm being too critical love this style of storytelling lyrics and overall great production Bravo!!! 


Reviewed by Skoolin' Barracudas'   4  (5)
Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver


This Bond is Tight...


 I enjoyed listening to the commercial vocals. Very nice. This Bond did remind me of a James Bond sound or track. It has a nice smooth James Bond vibe to it. I feel with a good video it would place your listeners right where we need to be to fully understand what your song is all about. Sincerely, Ken 


Reviewed by Ken McIntosh 3,5  (5)
United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa


Nice !!!


 Really good concept and song .I love your voice . I think you expand on it though . You could expand on the James Bond theme a bit . If you could make it sound bigger that would be cool . More of everything guitars . horns heavier drums and use this same vocal track . The last guitar sound should be all the way through it's really cool . Great song though i really like it . Best of luck to you all and thanks for letting me have a listen ! Good luck . I hope to hear more .


Reviewed by Ginger Tompkins and the LOve Lads   4,5  (5)
Canada, British Columbia, Bowen Island


The Bond is Tight - License just for love


 This is an interesting "odd duck" of a song. Stylistically, It has the elements of New Wave type song. I like the instrumentation as well as the backing vocals. The lead vocals grow on you with each listen as does the rest of the song. It is a take-off of a James Bond song from the jilted lover's point of view who has taken revenge. I love the crisp guitars on this production. Well worth the detour. 


Reviewed by AvMo 3,8 (5)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal


The Bond is Tight


 The Bond Is Tight and so is the music. Really like the vocals and the complimenting back up vocals. Nice production with upbeat melody works good. Good Pop Song! 


Reviewed by FrogMouth 3,6  (5)
United States, Minnesota, Lonsdale


Very nice!


 Very unique sound. Your voice is beautiful! Awesome! This sounds like a TV show intro! You should definitely try and submit this for film and TV! Much love! 


Reviewed by In The Stars 3,9  (5)
United States, California, Sherman Oaks








chongue & teak


 how i hope that the ian fleming franchise writes you large checks and uses this in their next project-your musical reference at the beginning of the song set it up superbly.well done production and great vocal on a catchy, well written song. it made me think of the old alice cooper band and the way they hi-jacked movie and show tunes (school's out=west side story/killer=goldfinger). 


Reviewed by JIF JIPER   5 (5)
United States, Colorado, Denver


Parts of this songs could be used in a James Bond segment...


 This song is strange but has potential to be used in segments of a James Bond type film...the lyrics are weird but workable. This is not a commercial sounding hit by any means but again has the sound of an action or mystery type film or concept of sorts. I hope this was the writers intention while creating. 


Reviewed by Peter Frank Santovito 3,2 (5)
United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale


I hear...


 Hi i hear this song in a movie but i absolutely love it!!! I love the instruments in the song and the upbeatness!! Keep up the good work . Stay positiven!! 


Reviewed by Chocolate4thesoul 3 (5)
United States, North Carolina, Charlotte




 This song has a lot of possibilities - vocals are good and tight backing singing - maybe more emphasis on the middle tones would enhance the vocals even more. Good luck with your music and your recordings. Kind regards, Johnny Ramone at Angel International Management (Florida) 


Reviewed by Romanesque  4 (5)
United Kingdom, London


Best in years


 Max and the ducks is a good surprise in the sea of new things. A very new breath into the Eurythmics and Bronski Beat vibe sounding like a western pop indie. Good for traveling and sunday mornings!!! 


Reviewed by Live Company 4,9 (5)
Brazil, Sao Paulo


Licenced to thrill


 A very clever song, clearly a rocking tribute to the Bond characters and films. The guitar riffs are reminiscent of the movie themes and sound authentic. The lyrics are cool and are loaded with references. The singer has a sweet voice and it's an awesome tune that wouldn't surprise anyone if it became the next film theme. Add to your favorites as this will be one to listen to again and again!!!! 


Reviewed by The Shambolic  4 (5)
United Kingdom, Manchester


Great Vocals


 I love the intro to this track and vocals and harmonies are very strong,guitar playing is really good and is the type of song in my opinion that would get a lot of Radio plays that would help sell the downloads and increase your fan base,I look forward to having the chance to review more of your work in the near future,good luck with this track. 


Reviewed by CHARLOTTE BLACK 4,8 (5)
United Kingdom, Belfast




 Wow I love this piece , I love the flow of the music and the voice is good. I also love the way each words were well pronounced for all to understand what you are singing about. Nice job keep it up 


Reviewed by Vivian Galaxy 4,9 (5)
Nigeria, Ebute-Metta, Lagos




 I've heard your music and i can see that you have a very european style of music. It's catchy and storytelling. Instrumentally it is a good piece art. Well done Max and the Ducks. You'll be successful in England if you came here and performed. Immanuel Tella 


Reviewed by IMMANU'EL 4,9 (5)
United Kingdom, LONDON


Cool throw back 


 You guys are so very cool... Love the James Bond guitar touch. You're always willing to make a statement and use parody... Keep taking chances, creating art, sending people music that's out of the ordinary. Harmonies with interplay, rhythm that catches you by surprise and arrangements that are unexpected .. Very nice indeed.


Reviewed by Slim Chance & The Gamblers 3,8 (5)
United States, New Jersey, Asbury Park


Review of This Bond is Tight by Max And the Ducks.


 Right from the jump, I went back to the eighties. Shades of The B52's, Blondie, Pat Benatar and many others come to mind. The writing is a little limited but the production saves the day. Overall the performance is well executed so the track is catchy and I can see a nice little dance tune emerge from it's depth. The vocal line is catchy as well. Should do well on radio. 


Reviewed by OL' Mofo's 4/5
United States, New York, Queens




 That's not my kind of rock, but it does have an interesting changes and arrangement! The chorus is very very good, it's making the song and because of it I'm not giving you a bad review. The ending is good too by the way. Keep rockin' and good luck! Cheers, Donnie Donkov


Reviewed by Donnie Donkov 

Bulgaria, Sofia


Very good!!!


 Congratulations!!! A very good song to listen to. The peace and quiet that it happens is indescribable. All this accompanied by a serene atmosphere and a great lyrical vocal. The keyboard is a musical based on keeping all the harmony of music. The song is very good, as well as harmony it has its own identity, that is, is a song that does not look like anything we're used to hearing. 


Reviewed by Depth Hate 
Brazil, Guarujá


Stunning and BEAUTIFUL!


 So quick and witty! Fantastically fun and wildly variable tune! Incredible orchestrated mixing of instruments and sounds! The lyrical overdubs really add a new level of depth and the light touch of the saxophone absolutely sold me on the sound! In my opinion, this song is 100% radio ready and I can seriously envision this song becoming a big hit amongst the masses! It's one of those songs where it's just impossible to not get a little swagger and a little head bobbing while listening. I personally make sure that I listen at least a few times to every song for which I am writing a review. So far, I would say that this one has been the most fresh and rewarding song every additional time I press play! I accredit this to the incredible depth of the song generate by the complexity of the rhythm and the complexity of the different sounds mixing into an absolutely beautiful and uplifting tune. Fantastic job guys! This track only leaves me wanting more from Max and the Ducks and I highly suggest giving Cathy's Song a listen, especially if you're in need of salvation from one of those downer days! I sincerely hope to hear more of your work! Sincerely, Silent Violence :) 


Reviewed by Silent Violence 

United States, Texas, Austin

Its Max and the Ducks!

 I always enjoy reviewing material from this group. Max and the Ducks bring you Cathy's Song. As usual from my experience the recording, tracking as well as mixing and mastering is spot on with plenty of space and dynamics. The song itself is an exploratory journey of the soul looking from both within and from the outer perception we all imagine we have. With consideration to the fact this group is from Spain I wonder at times if I am hearing an internationalized version of the song and try to imagine the lyrical content of the song in Spanish. Either way, this song is quite eloquent. Bravo!

Reviewed by SOGP Music Jan 30  2016
United States, Texas, Houston

titre omniprésent


 Le mélange entre rock et jazz est excellent mais pas que , la voix est omniprésente et pleine de punch , les coeurs en revanche sont un peu en retrait au niveau artistique mais l'ensemble ce laisse écouter avec grand plaisir , le mix est bon même si j'aurai apprécié plus de travail aux niveaux des" pan " , j'ai apprécié le titre , merci à vous , phon'éthique 


Reviewed by phonethique 

France, Nantes


Cathy's Song


 Max and the Ducks work Cathy's Song is a fairly dynamic piece of work. On first blush I didn't know what to make of the approach but as it progressed I realized this was no typical run of the mill song. Its arrangement takes you through a journey similar to that one would experience during a musical if not a musical interlude during a transitional scene in a movie. Its strangely compelling and the production values bring forth a valiant effort. 


Reviewed by SOGP Music  

United States, Texas, Houston




 Liked this song. great uplifting music really good recording n very very good singing. not quite sure what song is about other than the obvious few clarifying lines nice touch w sax? at the end solid drumming 


Reviewed by Skoolin' Barracudas' 

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver





Its Max and the Ducks!

I always enjoy reviewing material from this group. Max and the Ducks bring you Cathy's Song. As usual from my experience the recording, tracking as well as mixing and mastering is spot on with plenty of space and dynamics. The song itself is an exploratory journey of the soul looking from both within and from the outer perception we all imagine we have. With consideration to the fact this group is from Spain I wonder at times if I am hearing an internationalized version of the song and try to imagine the lyrical content of the song in Spanish. Either way, this song is quite eloquent. Bravo!


Reviewed by SOGP Music PRO on Jan 30

United States, Texas, Houston 5/5

Enchanted by the song

This song will captivate you from the beginning. The music really, reminds me a little of Kate Bush's song "Wuthering Heights". You enter the world of the musicmagic. It's addicted me to hear more of this genius kind of music. But the words are dark and sad, they bind you more and more and keep you in its spell.

Reviewed by Combridge
Germany, Dortmund



 Really interesting tune here. I really liked what the intro was doing... but the verses went major. In any case - Max and the Ducks are really following their own sound. Their own arrangements. In a strange way this reminds me of something like Jon Anderson and Yes... it's pretty cool and has that sensibility. I've heard other tracks from Max. They seem to be what used to be known as a 'recording artist' - I think the evolution of Max And The Ducks could have exponential success... 


Reviewed by TIM TOZ 

United States, Pennsylvania, Sodium City


Wonderfully weird!


 Great vocal, such a unique voice. Reminds me of Nina Hagen and a little Kate Bush... Couldn't even begin to categorise this and that can only be a good thing! Does anyone remember Rennaisance? They had a hit with 'Northern Lights' - there's a hint of that vibe here too. I always love music when I can't describe it easily! So you'll have to listen to it, like I did! 


Reviewed by Harvey Summers 

United Kingdom, Bexhill on Sea


Max And The Ducks Has Done It again


 This band consistently releases tracks that are very creative and uplifting to listen to. Cathy’s Song continues their string of very interesting and challenging music. Keep up the good work, I look forward to more. 


Reviewed by Noah Ohne 

United States, Arizona, Surprise



Max And The Ducks/ Cathy


Song is upbeat and very good quality. Song brings a sense of pop culture with a strong piano foundation. Sounds like a song you would hear live at any piano bar. Fun character, awesome tune


Reviewed by Anson The Joey 

United States, Iowa, Des moines  4,5 / 5

Astounding! And Moving!!.

 I enjoyed this Song very much!.Both the Song and how it progresses gives the feel as it should be part of an Epic Victorian Era Film, or one of English decent..It also gives the feel as if being part of a journey one is on, or quest, as in let's say that of knighthood or movies of its like!..This can truly belong to one of those type Movies at any point..Past or present involving this kind of theme...great stuff!..keep up the Good work my Friends!!

Reviewed by James D Salvato  Aug 03  2016
United States, New York, Bethpage



Reviewed by Craig Dean  4/5
Australia, Newcastle

Cathy´s Song review

 Catchy tune. I love the band name; to be honest that is why I chose to review it. What I found when I started listening was I love the song. Sounds in some ways like old Nikki Hopkins, great vocal range, very tasteful piano work. After listening to the song three or four times, I had to add it to my favorites. It got stuck in my brain. I look forward to more songs from this engaging band and highly recommend them. 

Reviewed by Zuzu Welsh Band   4,8/5
United States, North Carolina, Asheville



Lewis Carroll is turning over in his grave!


 I was moving a new tune into rotation on my N1M page and decided listen to what other artists are promoting. Came across "Max and the Ducks" and spun "Who the F**k is Alice?" I was immediately struck by the strong voice and expression of singer..., Niina Maria Kemppainen(?). Add to that the unique phrasing of the lyrics and I HAD TO listen to the whole tune from Start to Finish! Solid songwriting, dynamic and expressive vocals made me forget that I not a big fan of programmed beds! A very good song so..., an A- overall. -- J. J. Clark, Sr. aka FERD the SNURD! 


Reviewed by FERD the SNURD 

United States, Iowa, Arcadia


"Who The F.... Is Alice?


 Just listened to your song, "Who The F.... Is Alice?" for the second time. I have to say that this is one of my favorites so far on N1M. As a Songwriter (and a fan of "White Rabbit") I have to say that this is a totally fresh take on the song of the same "topic". I like your version AT LEAST as much... and the other version turned out to be a BIG hit. As a Composer/Producer I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the Production of your song !!! Also, the vocalist I love too !! A perfect match of Lyrics, Vocals/Melody and Production !! I want to hear more from your band. I am also going to give 5 stars for the first time on N1M reviews. Wishing you all the best !! - Richard Danar Music 


Reviewed by Richard Danar Music 

United States, New York, New York


Max And The Ducks


 These artists take an unusually interesting look at Alice In Wonderland in this song. I really dig the sum of their parts. They will be a force to recon with in music. I look forward to hearing more from Max And The Ducks soon! Keep On Rockin! 


Reviewed by Chosen By Fate 

United States, Michigan, Shelby Township


Who the F is Alice


 Very nice catchy tune. Love the vocals and lyrics. music is very nicely arranged. Very good dance song. I could definitely buy this song for my collection. Great job Max and The Ducks. Hope you have great success going forward. RLB-Live 


Reviewed by Richard Broussard 

United States, Louisiana, Lafayette

Who the F....Is Alice?


 Got a serious retro vibe to it. Sounds a little like it should be theatrical. I would love to see the video. Not a fan of the profanity. I think you can be big AND edgy without the profanity. I suggest doing remix to get rid of it. I believe it would open your market to a much larger audience. Really wanted to hear distortion guitar more, but I'm not bothered by the fact that you didn't have it in all the time. Just made the anticipation of it higher. Original sound. Just change the profanity. 


Reviewed by The Kwanzaa Project 

United States, New York, Uniondale


Who The FXXk is Alice…. HMMM


 This is a very interesting Tune indeed.. It starts out at first as what I think will be a jazzy tune with the horns doing their fun routine and then switches to almost a dance electronica. I could hear this in night clubs across America. It would keep people up dancing and probably singing it in their heads afterwards. it's a very catchy tune. It has nice energy, Different style, Good Vocals, Love the Horns!! The artists aren't exactly your norm run of the mill looking characters either. Appear to be from From Spain, Who would've thought. Very Well Done Guys! I was having a very good time bouncing in my chair and listening to your music. I am sure that other people will enjoy it just as much as I did. I look forward to seeing what the music video will be like on this song. I hope you let me know. Kellena Vocalist: "13 Below"


Reviewed by 13 BELOW

United States, Florida, Orlando


Catchy Tune


 Catchy tune,I like the lead vocalist. This sounds like a very professional out fit. i like the dark shade that is worked into this song. a great arrangement . looking forward to hearing more from Max and the ducks. keep up the good work. 


Reviewed by rick jenkins 

Australia, Lockhart


Fresh New Sound


 This is a lively, jazzy tune with interesting harmonies and vocal content. Has a very upbeat dance quality and well scored and produced. I like Max and the Ducks as they definitely have a new and original sound. 


Reviewed by Dizzy O'Brian 

United States, California, Sunland

spain rocks


 Really surprised by this bits of everything from Nile rodgers to grace jones .Love the lyrics great sounds and infectious vocals.All round good listen . 


Reviewed by phil rock 

United Kingdom, douglas


bon titre 


 Salut , je ne suis pas accro de cette forme de rock , car pour moi le rock c'est guitares basse batterie voix , et pour le coup je ne retrouve pas mes marques , car trop d'arrangements électronique et synthétique mais des que les guitares rentrent en scène alors là je dis bravo , je mets quatre et demi car dans l'ensemble c'est un bon titre , la fin aurait mérité d'être travaillé , merci à vous et bonne continuation , Phon'ethique 


Reviewed by phonethique 

France, Nantes


Who the f is Alice review


 Who the f is Alice is a very upbeat song . I especially enjoy the beat . It is a very up beat and great for dancing or any type of exercise .This song is great for all types of events 


Reviewed by ces indie 

United States, Illinois, Chicago


Who the f….is alice


 After carefully reviewing your song '' Who the F…is Alice'' I love your tune. As far as the instrumental is concern, it needs more bass, In addition to base, work on your arrangement. Good lyric. Over all, I would say good song. keep up the good work. You coming, my friend!! 



United States, New York, STATEN ISLAND


If there is pop...


 then this is the typical sample of how it really should be, i.e. jungly, poignant, good-minded and unwittingly edgy. Nobody, I say nobody, will ever escape power chords, added to funky rhythm and digital brass, which is very at its best and to the point. One question remains though: Hey, come on, can you tell or clarify who the girl by the name of Alice really is? The answer, of course, is blowing in the wind, and we'll be searching for the adequate reply for the rest of our lives, supposingly...


Reviewed by The Super Duper 

Russian Federation, Moscow


Mama doesn't need to know (but YOU should check this out!)


 This song blasts right into the main hook where Max (or is it the Ducks?) brings her powerhouse pop vocals that bring to mind Madonna and Lady Gaga. In keeping with those artists the lyrics are big, obvious and focusing on coming out gay and not being ashamed. This song is very professional with all the right levels in the mix, and all the right elements firing at the right times. What sets this song apart in a strange way is the backing parts provided (by the Ducks?) which bring a certain older style male call and response sound that might feel more at home in a Harry Connick Jr. tune reminiscent of 1940's big band sounds. This song would do very well, very loud on the dance floor and given today's sensibilities... this would have the whole crowd dancing, gay or straight, except of course for Mama. 


Reviewed by Enlightened Madness 

United States, California, OAKLAND


Brano frizzante


 Brano frizzante eseguito magnificamente,voce rotonda ed accattivante,arrangiamento che ti spinge a ballare,ottimo lavoro.Un grosso saluto dalla Sicilia. 


Reviewed by Mariarosa B & Rioso 

Italy, Piazza Armerina


Nice groove with a commentary.


 Max & the Ducks have a fun song that has a great groove. The vocals are good and go with the drive of the song. The lyrics kind of surprised me with the content. A message with a little tongue-in-cheek. The backgrounds are really good. The format of the song is well conceived as well. Even the mix was well balanced. Very cool. 


Reviewed by Britt Prentice 


Foot Tapper.


 Hi guys this is a good foot tapper and fun song-very middle of the road--could see you rocking in a pub and very well could get played on some internet radio shows. All in all the sort of song that is a grower the more you play it. All the best to you for 2015. 


Reviewed by Parsons Rivers  

Australia, Perth


Dont Tell Mama


 Hello! I checked out your song and I have to say I love the blues concept mixed with Pop. However, the song needs more substance. It does not have a solid message that people can follow. It would help just a bit if you slowed down the tempo. However, I think the best solution would be better to rethink this song altogether. Just my opinion. 


Reviewed by Sam Watson 

United States, Michigan, Ann Arbor


Nice Fresh Sound of Don't Tell Mama


 Max and the Ducks have a very fresh sound. There seems to be a bit of B52S influence. (one of my favorite groups) It's fast and dance like, catchy but very different sound. I like it. 


Reviewed by Dizzy O'Brian 

United States, California, Sunland



 Hi, I'm not realy into dance music, but to be objective, this song is very nice, good to go for the radio. Good sound of 90-s, nice strong vocals, good arrangement and beat, it makes you move anyway, even if you are rocker:) So, keep up! 


Reviewed by Metaloyd 

Canada, Ontario, Toronto


review of Don't tell momma by Max &the Ducks


 This is not my genre but...I liked it. Up beat great voice good general...pretty awesome. Re minded me of Sweet dreams. Great voice. Keep up the good work! 


Reviewed by Petey & the Ravens 

United States, Florida, Orlando


Don't Tell Mama by Max and the Ducks


 I really dug the music styles that were fused in this song. You can definitely hear the rocky/big-band melting quite nicely together. However, I was a bit disappointed in the vocals and lyrics. It was a bit too simple, and at times the pitch could easily come into question. I loved the background 'oh-yeahs' though, 


Reviewed by Cammy 
United States, Missouri, Springfield


Checked out: "Don't Tell Mama" 5-14-2015


 Jumps in with an upbeat rhythm. Hear a little disco in there. Good confidence with the vocals, with interesting lyrics. I guess the vocals come in about not telling mama about homo sexuality. Kind of surprised me, Kind of fun. Overall fun song. Good back up vocals come in at this point. Good synth outro. Like I said: Overall fun song. 


Reviewed by HED SHOPPE 

United States, Colorado, colorado springs


good remix material the message...though obvious in some areas and simplistic at times...they do speak to the thoughts of what the LGBT community endures even as society perceptions are changing...hence the title of the song...i really like the line sneak into a bar and having the courage to show who you really are...fooling yourself cause others will see you is very good...melody...this is where it loses me so to speak...i am a musician so i can appreciate the syncopation, but the delivery and melodic structure sometimes is just not what the song calls for...there really isn't any differentiation between verses and choruses...the hook isn't very strong...though dance tunes rely on repetition more than conventional style...production value...over all the production of the song is fine....vox sits well with in the mix...use real horns instead of synth...i know its expensive but this is your baby...instrumentation...again what you put in you get out...drums sounds need some work...not sure what you used...try superior drummer 2.0..most amazing sounds..maybe try different arrangements stylings etc...its hard to say what direction you want this song to go....maybe try to incorporate a hip/hop element to it...there are some good things going on you need to connect more of them together...songwriting is hard so keep at it...onward and upward! good luck! 


Reviewed by BRIAN TORRES 

United States, Nevada, LAS VEGAS



 Suite à un envoi de numberonemusic, je viens de découvrir avec enchantement votre musique. j'apprécie ce que vous faites, bon courage pour la suite. très cordialement 


Reviewed by madfeet 

France, arcis sur aube


If you don´t wanna be still...Don´t tell your Mama


 A so Strong,beat,that you can´t be still listening to this Makes us even in a room that we are ina ballroom dancing,with lights around closer to the one you love,telling your secrets and letting the night flies aways. Good harmony on vocals,bass lines make the rhythm go easily to your ears!Saturday nights here we are The Max and The Ducks! 


Reviewed by Winston 

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro


Don' tell


 I really like the lyrics on this one. The beat is alive and steady. this is the kind of song I could see being played in clubs where people want to dance. The singer has a strong voice and makes it come alive.


Reviewed by FrogMouth  

United States, Minnesota, Lonsdale


Yes, Don't tell


 Yes, with parents some things ar better left un said. Great set of lyrics. Production quality is very good. The first backing chorus could have been a little louder, but that is minor stuff. The song jumps out of the speakers from the start I like that in this style of music. I also like the choice of horns instead of strings for the corners in the instrumental track. This has an old Motown meets NXS feel to it. It is a style that requires tight timing and the vocals coming in on the upbeat in the verses. You accomplished that well. I like it. Fix the volume on the first backing vocals and this tune is Radio ready. 


Reviewed by Missing in America 

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis




 Blondie meets lady GAGA! Could do with some harmonies on the vocal. nice radio tune, happy song at the gym when your sweating it hard on the treadmill! keep up the good work! nice job 


Reviewed by ROSS EDWARDS 

United Kingdom, BRISTOL


Strong Dance Track


 This track will get everyone up on the dance floor that it for sure,I like what I would call the Football fan overtones. It is a very catchy song and could do well on the Dance music market,keep up the good work and lets here more like this. 



United Kingdom, Belfast


Big Dance. Big Hat


 Reminiscent of the big dance beats of the 80's Don't Tell Mama is one of those big bass drum 4 on the floor infectious numbers that would feel right at home booming from the speakers of any iconic dance club. My foot is still tapping. 


Reviewed by Michael Bell 

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

A Song For Life

Break the glass


That is what you did with the song that you sang. I felt as if I was in a row boat and the stream that I was in was like glass in the early morning. As you started to build up your music albeit very simple in the instruments but I enjoyed very much the simplicity of the instruments. Your voice is very inviting and leaves the listener thirsting for more. If there was anything lacking in your song, that may have been the one thing....the fans here wanted to hear a little more than less. So I am looking forward to my reward on your next song of more, more, more. Nicely done, albeit simple.


Reviewed by Chocolate Lush Band 

United States, California, San Jose 4/5



A beautiful song


A beautiful song about life and parenthood carefully arranged to support the message of the well written lyrics. I enjoy the interplay between guitar and piano and the added strings over the chorus. I also like cymbals and that the drums plays not too much and not too little. I cannot make a real suggestion what to do differently here except may be bringing down the level of the snare a little bit or bring up the vocals during the parts where the snare plays and I wonder if Rock is the right category for this one. Beautiful song, well done.


Reviewed by Free Fall Rock 

New Zealand, Hamilton 5 / 5



Happy quacking Max and the Ducks


This is a great song. The melody is strong and tuneful.The singer has an attractive vocal tone and she puts real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are meaningful . The performance is good.Overall the song is really a good and I think it has strong commercial potential . Good Job Max and The Ducks


Reviewed by ces indie 

United States, Illinois, Chicago 4,6/5





Very beautiful! I enjoy the music, the vocals, the overall feel and emotion poured into this song. My suggestion (only because I love buildups)....keep the beginning verse and chorus the same. The drums add a nice extra push when they come in, but I thought a soft electric guitar, or some cello and/or violin strings would transcend the sound to another, beautiful level. You guys made me a fan! I love it!!


Reviewed by Disclaimered 

United States, New York, East Williamson 4/5



Music... It is a living thing

Max and The Ducks brings us A Song For Life. A modern day durge to be sure. I have no idea why but there is a haunting and familiar tone to this piece. Lyrically its not exactly a happy song... More melodramatic in this effort than one might expect from this group. While this song is definitely brought with the same level of production I have come to expect from Max and company, I admit there is a dynamic here that is compelling, but it is very much like acquiring a taste for scotch or escargot... one has to give serious consideration for such a serious melody.


Reviewed by SOGP Music PRO 

United States, Texas, Houston 4/5

A very classical tune

 Very good production, with classical piano, string arrangements, classical guitar, a classical female voice... and... didi I hear right: harp. All in all a superb production with all instruments sounding more than well. The track seems to be too short for me, I would like to enjoy that comfortable feel more than that short period of time. I like the female singer's voice and the complete production!

Reviewed by GRMBLFX!?  Aug 22  2016
Germany, Stuttgart

5 out of 5

 Such a beautiful ballad, well-played, well-sung, and well-produced. The singer has a very powerful voice, but she sings tender and with passion. I like how the vocal melodies are harmonized in the chorus part. The backing vocals are well-thought-out. Despite that the song is short, it tells a story and creates a mysterious (a bit oriental) vibe. I can't find anything to critique here, the only suggestion to the band is to release more songs at this quality level.

Reviewed by The Perfect Balance  Aug 10  2016
Russian Federation, Moscow

Haunting and good

 I almost ignored this one because of the rather silly name "Max and the Ducks". I'm happy that I followed my instinct and listened. The intro is catchy enough to have me stuck for listening more. This "Song for Life" is haunting yet somehow quite comforting. Nice British sound coming from Spain. I love the melody and it will probably run in my head like a tape loop for the rest of the day. Vocals are gentle and good. My overall impression; this is an unusual song, quite well done, but, please change the band name. 

Reviewed by Ajay Mathur  Jun 30  2016
Switzerland, Lucerne

5 out of 5

 Such a beautiful ballad, well-played, well-sung, and well-produced. The singer has a very powerful voice, but she sings tender and with passion. I like how the vocal melodies are harmonized in the chorus part. The backing vocals are well-thought-out. Despite that the song is short, it tells a story and creates a mysterious (a bit oriental) vibe. I can't find anything to critique here, the only suggestion to the band is to release more songs at this quality level.

Reviewed by The Perfect Balance 
Russian Federation, Moscow


A Song for Life

 I absolutely LOVE this band! This is not my first review for Max and the Ducks, and there is not much I can critique here. First off, they remind me of the magnificent works of Loreena Isabel Irene McKennitt whom I also just freaking adore. I absolutely LOVE renaissance music from all cultures; having studied classical music from its very beginnings. And this group of musicians here should already be signed to a major label, like years ago! I usually critique the productions themselves, but this song is damn near perfect to me. The only thing I will say is that if they were my neighbors, I might scratch and beg for a shot at the mixing board just to see if I might add anything to an already perfect piece of art . . . This is a band of PURE ARTISTS! What more can I say? Love ALWAYS! 

Reviewed by CeLeSTiAL TiTANiUM 
United States, Oregon, Grants Pass

Summer Breeze

Max and the Ducks - Summer breeze


Summer Breeze by Max and the Ducks is a really enjoyable composition. It is a soft, subtle electronic track with a very smooth feel and a great lead vocal that reminds me of Madonna ( no introduction needed ) and Maggie Reilly, who sang with Mike Oldfield. The backing vocals are also to be noted for their performance. A performance that really helps lift and shape the track. Definitely worth a listen.


Reviewed by David Arthur 

United Kingdom, Ulverston 3,5/5





Yes , bright and bubbly music.This tune has been put together very well. The vocals are great and the backing vocals are excellent. I love the way that all the instruments seem to blend with each other. A very polished and professional effort. great . Keep up the good work and i look forward to hearing more from Max and the Ducks.


Reviewed by Rick Jenkins

Australia, Lockhart 4,5 / 5



Summer Breeze is uniquely distinctive


Summer Breeze by Max And The Ducks is a track that has a distinctive and unique sound that is up tempo, and very reminiscent of some of the progressive European bands of past era's. The vocalist's timbre is very bright and powerful with a distinctive characteristic that, from what I've heard, can only be associated with Max And The Ducks. Summer Breeze is a track that I believe will fil many ears with pleasing melodies and great backing music.


Reviewed by Noah Ohne

United States, Arizona, Surprise 5 / 5



Your Song "Summer Breeze"


I can say that the music is well recorded and the vocals stand out with a well balanced background vocals. To me it's more in the pop category and sounds well rounded and a good story teller. It definitely sounds original which I give you props on that and sometimes Less is More instead of guitars being in the front of the sound. Keep up the good work. Hellofadeal, Write On.


Reviewed by Odometer 

United States, Texas, San Antonio, Texas 4/5



Max and the ducks, summer breeze Review


Got a mackie speaker issue so on my headphones but I listened thru once on the left channel and production sounded nice. Stereo image I know is fine (even thru headphones). Not used to reviewing femme vox but I like the vocal (and the backing). All very clear. Quirky song, not sure what genre, but an impressive mix. Yeah the backing vox is really impressive, not taking anything away from the lead vocal. Nice bits on geetars and drums nicely positioned not too far back. No complaints on this.

Reviewed by James Oakwood 

United Kingdom, Staffordshire, England 4,2 / 5



Summer Breeze


This is a different sound to todays 'normal' which is a good thing! The lyrics are well written and vocals are good for the majority of the track...where the vocals drop low they sound a little too low slightly out to the rest in the start but even out in the song itself. Vocals and music remind me of a Madonna song I just cant think of the name of it, also this is more Pop/Pop Rock for me, it could do with a little more sound sounds a little bare in some spots but this may be the artists intention and if that is the case my apologies for the comment. With a minimal amount of work this could be a mainstream radio song, Overall I like the song, Well Done! #SkiesTheLimit


Reviewed by Seren Skies 

Australia, Bundaberg 3,5 / 5



Rocking that Summer BREEZE!


Very cool light and airy keys at the start of this piece se the tone for a clean and articulate vocal experience. Vocal harmonies are well orchestrated and coordinate well with the lead. This piece has a formality to it, as if the vocalist has classical training. The guitar solo at the 2/3rd point is a chord-based progression that fits with the mood. The staccato repetition of the hook at the end serves to entrench the name in the mind of the listener. While there is talent and true musicianship in this piece, it's true power lies in the sensitive and precise lead vocal and melody. Very nice job to all involved. Max and the Ducks: well done!


Reviewed by Jocelyn Arndt 

United States, New York, Albany 4 / 5




Interesting track here... different - cool guitar work in the chorus - I like the vocalist - great voice/sound. this kinda reminds me of Animal Logic (Deborah Holland) a little - cool stuff. I do have to mention the opening synth riffs are a little out. Not sure if that's intentional they're out of tune to me. But overall - this is a pretty cool track - nice vocal arrangement. On 2nd listen I really like what the guitars are doing. Very cool. Nicely done.


Reviewed by TIM TOZ 

United States, Pennsylvania, Sodium City 4/5



A Song with a Strong-Lead Vocal that Rides


Nicely on some Delightful Instrumentation...that Makes you Want to Dance and Go Places!

Strong, Sweet Lead Vocal, Amazingly well-fitted background vocals all riding on a very cheery beat with some surprising other keyboard and guitar instrumentation...that all fits amazingly well! I can't think of anything I would do to improve this song, excepting maybe a little smoothing out of the background vocals, but this song is really well-made, and I could listen to it over and over! (I rarely say that about ANY song!) Good luck and continued success with this very well-crafted song!


Reviewed by Steven D. Lightspring 

United States, North Carolina, Asheville  5/5


A groovy kind of song


Pardon my borrowing the phrase from the oldie AGroovy Kind Of Love ... But you have a great visually rich lyric which reminds me of some powerful folk songs from the 60s yet this manages to introduce electronica and linear rock lines on the guitar. Bravo for the new way of blending musical styles from the best of the past and making it your own! I think this may be my favorite so far from Max And The Ducks. Keep being as creative as you've shown you can be!


Reviewed by Slim Chance & The Gamblers

United States, New Jersey, Asbury Park  3,8/5



Big production!


A lovely track with some really clever production. Vocally I think there's a bit of Madonna in there, but there's so much more going on than that. Clever arrangements, great backing vocals, some nice guitar work and keys - a real summer feel-good track. Thanks for sharing!


Reviewed by Single Doubt 

United Kingdom, London  5/5


Wet Pillow

Wet Pillow

Max And The Ducks, Your Wet Pillow recording to me is a Great Pop recording, i love the song, nice mix, great vocals, well recorded, i think you have a Big Hit record on your hands, all you have to do is get it heard by the world, i tell artist that have a great product that once you have a product you have to still promote the song in every way for as long as it take, remember the song is always new to the new ear. Wish You Much Success, One World 1 Love 

Reviewed by One World 1 Love 
United States, California, Los Angeles

.Wet Pillow ..with eyes wide open

 Max and the Ducks brings us Wet Pillow, an upbeat tune about downbeat reality. From a listener's perspective it has a familiar song writing style reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane, with a musicality of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers or The Wallflowers. From a producer's perspective, there is very little wrong with how this song was tracked or mixed/mastered. I would have maybe played a little more with the stereo separation in the field.

Reviewed by SOGP Music 
United States, Texas, Houston

Cheerful Pop Song!

 This is a very cheerful, merry and sight-clearing song. It has some kind of country music feel, which adds to the open and breezy feel. The female singer's voice is very clear, yet strong and strapping. A layman like me has not much of technical aspect to mention. I like the fact it the ending is a fade-away, leaving the lister with a scent of merriness. It's a perfect song for a brisk walk or cruise driving, or road trip on a fine late spring day! :DDD

Reviewed by Hiroshiness 
Japan, Tokyo

Kate Bush meets pop

 A lively life-affirming song with a good singer at the microphone. The arrangement is balanced and well worked out. The straightforward style of the song maintains and despite a missing hook entertain the song the listener.

Reviewed by Jellybay 
Germany, Flensburg


 Its an amazing song, Hope she'll find her prince at last! In my opinion, this music is influenced by the famous group Abba, really pretty voice, it is all the music I love, I can't stop listening.

Reviewed by Cristina 
France, Epinay sur orge

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