July 15, 2020

Final Max and the Ducks song

The last Max and the Ducks song will be released end of 2020! It is a song called Karjalan Niityt! It is a re-make.

It is done with original line-up. Singer is Anna-Kaisa Pippuri.

This song is dedicated to mother of Marcos and Veli. And also grandmother of Anna-Kaisa. They had to leave when Russia attacked to Finland long time ago. It tells a story of those lost young lives... who died fighting for freedom.

February 11, 2020

Everything Has Its Time!

It is time to move on. Our last song release with singer Erja Siljamo will be released February 13th 2020. Erja has so many things happening in her life. We decided to go separate ways. We wish all "great wonders" to happen in Erja life. Marcos and Veli will continue with brand new songs and featuring singers in future. A final release " Great Day of Wonders" is out worldwide.

November 20, 2019

Review - If You Had My Heart from Germany

Impressive Rock-Pop /
Max and the Ducks -If You had My heart

Great mixture of modern Rock with patterns in style of pop music. Routined lead and rhythm guitar accompany the song brilliant.
I like the spontaneous guitar solo in the bridge and versatile drums in this arrangement. That isn´t always easy because of different instrumental parts, but together is all sounding really professional.
Unique vocals and chorus sounds really great in a varied pitch range. Exceptional keyboard sounds make the music rich and brings additional beauty into the song.
The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul. The chorus is the message and make the meaning of the song engaging for me.
Overall a fantastic work and recording from the band. The song is an original and I´m sure you will like to add. Let others know your recommendation.

Reviewed by KAIJY PRO
Germany, Hamburg (5/5)


October 01, 2018

New song, video and concert!

New song Upside Down will be released worldwide November 2nd 2018! 

Cover Photo by Kristian Kaarna
Cover Art by Erja Siljamo

Song and video release party will be November 2nd 2018 at 7pM, at His Stars Bar, Fuengirola Spain

Musicians: Erja Siljamo, Marcos Kuusjärvi, Veli Eronen, Erkki Kaikkonen and Lauri Nurmela.
Song is recorded at: Torremolinos Spain and Järvenpää Finland.
Mixed and mastered by Sammy Roiha.

Music/Lyrics: Marcos Kuusjärvi/Veli Eronen.

This song was also part of SOL - campaign.

Video director and screenplay by Jirkka Jurvanen

Hanna Mulari
Jarno Paananen
Ilpo Seppänen
Erja Siljamo
Marcos Kuusjärvi
Veli Eronen

October 01, 2018

Review from Germany

Everything Has Its Time review from Germany!

Nice Pop-Song with a good feel

Melodical introduction on piano underlined from soft orchester strings influenced of patterns classical music what brings additionally beauty into the song and is an extra factor. Sounds really beautiful together and creates a great space in the backround. Erja Siljamo with her unique dynamic voice and brilliant vocal projection make this wonderful composition complete. The romantic passion of the lyrics comes from the heart and is based on book Don Quixote what makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. Mixing and mastering is brilliant in appropriation of different music styles. Professionell orchestrated strings of the keyboard and the virtuos piano in the backround carries the recording. Perfect arrangement from the musicians Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen and overall a creative composition and unique quintessence of pop and contemporary music. The song could be a radio hit and it´s worth to listen to this very poetical lyrics. I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Reviewed by KAIJY  
Germany, Hamburg

August 12, 2018

Review from Barcelona! Everything Has Its Time


Great production and vocals. The accent is perfect. It has a catchy melody and skilled musicians. Background voice cared. Professionality on the recording. I enjoyed listening and liked the lyrics as well.

Reviewed by Martabello
Spain, Barcelona

August 03, 2018

First reviews from USA and Spain!

First reviews for Everything Has Its Time!

From Spain, Sevilla


Como siempre maravillosos, parece que tienen una nueva vocalista o es que canta de forma distinta.Canción animada con bonita melodía y buena instrumentación, quizá la en la mezcla han puesto el teclado con mucho volumen, más que la voz y a veces hace que no se escuche bien la voz. Por lo demás todo muy bien. Enhorabuena a Max and the Ducks por su música. Saludos desde Cádiz a nuestros vecinos.

Reviewed by Cuqui Baker 
Spain, Sevilla 4/5 Stars

California, USA


To me, this sounds like a slickly produced song from a Broadway show or something from a Disney production. I don't want to disparage the musicians at all, it is played well by obviously talented artists. I just couldn´t get engaged and groove with it. It is piano-centric pop which sometimes drifts into a 50's "Dream Lover" groove for a few bars then back to the generally mono-tonal vocals. I'll admit I'm more than a little deaf from 30 years of rocking, but I could never make out more than a few words at a time. The production values are such as I hear in Christian-Rock bands, Although I don´t think is Christian-Rock, I can't be certain because of the whole "not understanding the words" thing. I dont know if it works as a "pop" tune, but it would fit right in a play. I would expect a song like his in a Broadway show.

Reviewed by Zone 420 
United States, California, Redding 3,2/5 Stars

July 28, 2018

Release party at Frame Gallery July 28th 2018

Everything has its time is now released! Song was released all over the world Friday July 27th. Video release party was held at Frame Gallery, Fuengirola Spain July 28th. Erja Siljamo sung three songs old Max and the Ducks classic Blacksmith Mould, James Bond theme Writing On A Wall and very first time Everything Has Its Time.

We are looking for future more shows when we have trained and chosen songs for concerts. 

Next release will be out October 16th 2018. It is already recorded and it is called Upside Down.

July 10, 2018

Video release party at Frame Bar Fuengirola, Spain

Everything Has Its Time The Video is made by Jirkka Jurvanen! Directed, screenplay and edit! Video release party at Fuengirola Frame Bar, Spain 18.00 Saturday 28.07.2018. All wellcome.

July 10, 2018

Everything is upside down

Another song is on the way! Upside Down. It´s already recorded. This song was chosen to Finnish Company SOL - Palvelut commercial. You can have a taste what is coming up here! Can´t wait to make a video and decide release date. It is planned September - October 2018!

1 / 5

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